Terms of Use



All sales are final. This is due to the gifting nature of the products. Proceeds go regularly to organizations and thus are not reimbursable. 

Proceeds (profits above and beyond operating costs) will be distributed to the organization listed at the time of purchase. If you do not see an organization that you believe is outfitted to solve for the corresponding product issue, please email us at contact@STARTnola.com.

Art is original and STARTnola is not responsible nor can be indemnified to usage of product as chosen by owner. We are also not responsible for interpreting, defending, or projecting artist work.

Please use materials in a fair and legal manner. We do not support vandalism or littering of any kind. 

Please do not steal, copy, alter, or replicate artist work. We work with freelance, up and coming, and other fledgling artists. This is a means for them to show off their work.


  • You must be of legal age to purchase materials on STARTnola.com.
  • Items can only be shipped to those locations our print partner, Printful, supplies to.
  • Should you chose to create a shopping account with us, you are solely responsible for protecting your own account password and other account information.
  • Do not use STARTnola if you do not agree to the Terms of Use described here. Your use of STARTnola means you agree to these Terms of Use.