What is your shipping policy?

Unfortunately because we ship proceeds regularly and directly to the neighborhoods we support, returns and refunds are not possible. Choose wisely grasshopper! 


How did you pick the neighborhoods listed?

We found a list on a city website. We know some are missing. Please forward neighborhood organizations you believe can help solve the corresponding issue to us at here. We're always looking for new friends to help!


How much $ is raised per item sold?

Great question. Profits vary based on the total inventory ordered each month. The type of item, sales, promotions all add to the complexity. More items purchased = lower percentage needed to cover basic operating costs and promotions and a higher rate donated. But as a rule of thumb we fight for a minimum of $5 donated per shirt. 

Why potholes?

We had to start somewhere. If there's one issue universally facing New Orleans, it's the streets themselves. That and it went well with our ground up logic ;). But we're open, and looking forward to, expanding to other important issues too.

How can I send over some ideas for new art or new causes?

We love that you want to be involved. Please contact us here. We're excited you'd like to contribute and look forward to learning more.


This is rad, how can I help?

Thanks man! Tell your friends. Share our page on social media. Buy some swag. But if you've got some extra time or money to help us out, we'll take that too. Contact us here, and let us know what's good.


How do I order wholesale?

Yes please! Give us a shout and we'll help you work this out. You can reach us here.


Any other questions?

No worries. Hit us up here. We'll have a human get to you as soon as they catch a break (we're scrappy/volunteer based at the moment so bear with us!).