Our First Artist Is A Natural

Who's the man behind the brilliant broken Crescent City logo? According to him art just comes naturally. 

A self-described, lifelong artist, Nate Garn, considers art part of "his normal activity." He grew up in what today has become an artists' haven, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  And while he's not a native New Orleanian, it's easy to see how he'd fit right in.

"I can remember winning a poster contest for the local Rodeo when I was in third-grade. That was the moment I realized the value of art as a vehicle for communication." Shares Nate before (somewhat joking) "It's also how I discovered the possibility of making a living from [art]."

Nate has a strong appreciation for all genres of art and pursued a minor in art history. He's since found himself employed as a Creative Director at an agency, doing graphic and illustrative design, and conjuring up some logos of a household brand or two. In fact, if you've ever seen the label, packaging, or pull for a Six-Point Beer, you're looking at Nate's art. 

When asked who he finds inspiring today, Nate quickly replies, "If I had to pick one, currently I follow Nicolas Sanchez's work on a daily basis. He creates the most stunning sketchbook portraits using only a ballpoint pen."

We agree Sanchez's work is super cool. But today we're inspired by Nate Garn and his generosity in providing STARTnola with a hand-drawn and rendered sketch gratis. 

Thanks, Sir, you're a natural.


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*heart art seen here also by Nate Garn*

Elisa Cool