Why STARTnola


We sell cool sh!t to fund neighborhood organizations so they can handle their sh!t.



We are creative New Orleanians tired of hearing, "someone should do something about this."

We stand for helping neighbors tackle city-wide problems from the neighborhood up.

Because New Orleans isn't a major city, but rather a network of exceptional small towns. Exceptional small towns that band together to build, fix, party, build, care for, build, and rebuild again. 

We believe that the best fixes often come from the block, the neighbors, the neighborhood. Thus, the neighborhoods could benefit from a little extra love. 

We asked ourselves "what would be possible if each neighborhood had the means to accomplish what needed to be done? And the choice on how to go about doing it?"

And then formed STARTnola to raise money to solve problems at the neighborhood level.

How? Profits from every purchase made on STARTnola go to neighborhood organizations within New Orleans. This allows them to approach each problem as a local would, at a hyper-local level.

When making a purchase, the buyer gets to select their organization of choice.  Ensuring neighborhoods have a better shot at looking after the city they love and in the way, they know best.

  Simply put, we aim to:

  • jump start the taking on of city-wide issues
  • from the neighborhood up
  • by funding neighborhood organizations through the sale of rather hip swag. 

Spending money on the street-art found on the items on this site will not only help draw attention to major issues (and your keen sense of style) but will fund problem-solving in your own backyard. How's that for shopping local?

Street art to help Nola's streets. Or street art (st + art) + nola. See what we did there?

Go forth, shop, and #STARTnola!



Elisa Cool